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guerrillanews's Journal

Giving Light For The People To Find Their Own Way

Guerrilla News Group
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a partner to guerillanews, the Guerrilla News Group is dedicated to surfacing the stories buried or dismissed by the mainstream media.

Your participation (and cooperation) is welcomed - Abusive and/or disruptive behavior is not
abortion, activism, activist, animal rights, anthropology, anti-capitalism, anti-censorship, anti-consumerism, anti-corporate, anti-corporate media, anti-corporation, anti-corporatization, anti-globalization, anti-nationalism, anti-racism, anti-taliban, athiesm, boycott, boycotts, bush, campaign financing, capital punishment, change, cheney, christianity, civil rights, clinton, conservation, conservative, conspiracy, consumerism, controversy, corporate media, corporations, crime, culture, culture jamming, death penalty, debate, democracy, democrat, democratic socialism, drugs, ecology, edwards, emancipation, feminism, foreign, foreign politics, foreign relations, free speech, freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, george w. bush, government, green party, greenpeace, guerrilla news, guerrilla politics, hemp, human, human rights, humanities, humans, illegal, independence, independent media, independent thought, individualism, information, jello biafra, journalism, kerry, kerry-edwards, law, laws, legal, legalizing marijuana, liberal, liberalism, marijuana, marijuana legalization, media, middle east, morality, mother jones, music, nader, nato, news, nuclear, nuclear war, oil, oil interests, peace, philosophy, police brutality, political science, politics, poverty, power, pro-choice, pro-life, progressive politics, protests, psychology, punk, racism, rage against the machine, reform, religion, republican, respect, revolution, revolutions, sanctions, scandals, science, sexuality, social movement, social movements, social reform, socialism, socialist, sociology, soft money, spoken word, supremacy, taliban, the green party, trade, truth, underground, underground media, underground news, united nations, vegan, veganism, vegetarian, vegetarianism, war, wealth, women's rights, world bank, writing