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Peace Communities Now Offers Gift Certificates for Blogging and Writing!

Hello all fellow Guerrilla News members, activists, feminist members, writers, wonderful folks, allies and everyone working for a better world,

Happy New Year!  In 2009, the Peace Communities, a progressive not-for-profit coalition of progressive groups with people from all backgrounds including many Native American tribes, will work harder than ever before to create a better world... and still have fun doing it!  If you are looking for the Peace Communities Progressive Coalition and online community and Social Networking website, with Member Profiles, Daily Photo Blogs, Rss Feeds from Daily Feminist Blogs, Discussion Forums (promote your peace and feminist projects, distros, websites and more), Events (promote events worldwide), Events (promote events worldwide), Event Listings, Photos & Slideshows, Custom Video Players, Points and Gift Certificates Given for Original Writing from Around the World, Real-time Activity Stream and much more please click here.

If you're a guerrilla news reporter, blogger/writer wanting to earn 'peace points' in our online community redeemable for Gift Certificates to AKPress, The Beauty of Barter, PMPress, Microcosm Publishing and many more places worldwide join us at peacecommunities.org, click on 'online community'

Thanks for all the wonderful things that each of you do!  Its time to spread Guerrilla News in a big way!

You are the hero you've been waiting for!

Joy, Love, Peace,
-Peace Communities
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