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The Battle in Seattle

Saw Stuart Townsend's new controversial docu-drama this weekend depicting the Seattle 1999 WTO protests.
What we hadn’t reckoned with was the Seattle Police Department, who single-handedly managed to turn a peaceful protest into a riot.” - Britain’s Environment Minister, Michael Meacher
Movie Website:


Youtube Preview:

And another:

There are several a worthwhile messages in the film. The conundrum of violence versus non-violence. The negative effects of the WTO model. The impact of the corporate press. The fact that we live in a police state. The fact that the WTO protesters were effective in shutting down the WTO the first day. The film has a few minor flaws but this kind of film is so rare and riviting that I overlooked the flaws quite easily. The movie is not a whitewash and to help ensure that it wasn't, some of the real organizers co-ordinated with the film-makers. In fact, the real organizers have launched a website:

David Solnit and Rebecca Solnit are also releasing a book, The Battle of The Story of the "Battle of Seattle"

David Solnit also authored this review of the film.

The film intersperses historical footage with re-enactments. Here's a nice test to see if you can guess what is real and what is re-enacted.

Democracy Now!

Battle in Seattle: With A-List Cast, New Film Re-Creates Historic Protest Against WTO

In November 1999, tens of thousands of global justice activists, environmentalists, union members and anti-capitalist activists helped shut down the World Trade Organization in Seattle. It was a watershed moment for the movement against corporate globalization. The story of the Seattle protests has now been turned into a fictionalized film featuring some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. We speak to the film’s writer and director, Stuart Townsend, as well as David Solnit, one of the key organizers of the WTO protests and co-founder of the Seattle WTO People’s History Project.


"This is what democracy looks like."

"That is what a police state looks like."

And the battle continues....

Tear gas versus pee and poop.
The WTO meeting in 2003, Cancun, Mexico.
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